OVH in the community: historical research and support for our dementia friends

While time is standing still for many of our visitors and our doors are closed, we are taking time to remember and reflect the role of Orpington Village Hall within our community, throughout our history which goes back to 1890!

We would love the community to share any memories in both written and pictorial form of Orpington Village Hall as we are working on a History project to tell the stories of the halls in times past.

For instance, did you know that Orpington Village Hall was used as a VAD hospital for wounded Canadians during the 1st World War and as a rest centre for those who lost their homes in the Blitz?!
If you have any material, especially photographs, please let us know so we can include them in our gallery. Memoirs would be wonderful too.

We are hoping to create a mini exhibition wall, for all to come and see and are aiming for this to be completed to coincide with our re-opening.

In addition, we are working behind the scenes to ensure we can pick up where we left off with our Dementia Café and support projects. We have put together an email-able pack of resources that may be useful to our cafe visitors as well as any new friends currently confined to their homes. Our Cafe volunteers would also like to phone any of our cafe visitors should you be welcome of a call!
For further information on this and if you would like to receive a pack, please get in touch (details below).

Please help us to use this period in time to it’s best advantage, by remembering the significance and importance of our community centre, in the past, whilst planning it’s significance & importance for the future.

If you would like to be involved or have any contributions to either of these projects, please email

Thank You

Image taken c1910 showing the original village hall on the right hand side.